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Deep Tissue Massage brings relief from everyday aches, reduces stress, increases relaxation, addresses feelings of anxiety and tension and aids general wellness.

Sports Massage helps prevent injury, prepares the body for athletic activity and helps with recovery from workouts and injury.

TEC Diploma Sports Massage Therapy 
LCM Diploma Therapeutic Massage

Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage has a long tradition in a woman's journey to motherhood. Alleviating physical discomforts and emotional stress it also brings balance and improves circulation for both mother and baby.

A.P.N.T. Diploma Massage & Pregnancy

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I came into Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT) and Matrix Reimprinting skeptical of the purpose and results. I didn't understand how tapping specific points on my body could relieve built up tension--especially when, simultaneously, I was narrating and re-living often painful memories. But, over weeks and months, as I slowly repeated affirmations and methodically delved deep into the root causes of my pain, tapping somehow began to relax my body and calm my mind. This process has helped me to connect the dots from the past to the present and to visualize a future that I want. It is hard work but I am proud to say that I feel the results every day.


I began EFT at the beginning of lockdown with Heena when I was in a highly stressed state. I’ve suffered from anxiety for many years and was open to trying something new but did not really know what to expect.
Along with seeing Heena at regular intervals I have been practising EFT  daily now for five months. I have been truly amazed with the results - most days I have no anxiety at all which is incredible given the financial and job insecurity I’ve experienced throughout the lockdown period as a self employed single parent as well as changing homes and moving from London to Southampton. I’ve also experienced relief of my chronic back pain which I have been suffering from for the past eighteen months and I’ve withdrawn my place  on a waiting list for surgery as my symptoms are now manageable and I’m free of pain.
I’ve finished my therapy after many years as I find EFT a more beneficial practice. By naming my fears and worries out loud as I tap each morning they diminish and no longer overwhelm me as they have done in the past when I’ve tended to stuff my emotions down or keep them in my head.
Heena  is an incredibly skilful practitioner and throughout our work together she has helped me articulate my deepest fears and by reflecting them back to me, with kindness and compassion, she has empowered me to see I do not have to spiral into anxiety and doomsday scenarios as I have all the skills and inner resources I need to live happily and free of fear.
I completely recommend Heena and am so grateful I found her as she has truly made my life better.

SR, Yoga Teacher

"Heena is an exceptional massage therapist. I started 

working with her to help reduce stiffness and pain following a shoulder injury and it was quickly apparent that she knew exactly what she was doing. In a short space of time, there was a marked improvement and after a period of time my back was in better shape than it has been for some years. She has a patient--centred and practical approach.'"

JL, Nutritionist

"Had really bad shoulder pain unable to sleep. Heena was really thorough and got right into the sore spot straight away. Feel better straight away."


"I found Heena when I was searching for a Matrix Re-Imprinting practitioner and I'm so glad I did. She's worked with me for a couple of years and has facilitated me in reprogramming my inner child & minder. This has helped me break a 15 year cycle of binge eating, as well as securing my self esteem, self worth and confidence."

M, Child Development Consultant

"I've been training for a marathon and in recent weeks have been struggling with very sore leg muscles. Heena gave me a fantastic massage, she got out so many of my knots and pains and I'm already considering booking in again next week."


"I had regular prenatal massages with Heena and my pregnancy and birth certainly benefitted from them. After every session I felt nurtured and relaxed in body, mind and spirit."


" I am most grateful to Heena for using her Metamorphic Technique skills to support me during a difficult time in my health and life. I feel stronger with an inner peace after each session. A real blessing."


Emotional Freedom Technique gently releases negative emotions and beliefs that are at the root of our problems and pain. It allows the body to return to emotional and physical wellbeing.

Using Matrix Re-imprinting with EFT, painful memories that may hold you in the past can be transformed dramatically improving health and wellbeing. 

Metamorphic Technique is about transformation. If you're feeling stuck, are in physical or emotional pain or just need clarification, this technique is for you.

Reiki is a hands on healing using Universal Life Force energy. By allowing positive energy to flow through the body, balance and wellbeing are restored.

Doterra Essential Oils:

Contain natural and unique properties that can have powerful benefits on health and overall wellness. I am an advocate of high quality, therapeutic essential oils. These oils are nature's medicine cabinet and I use them every day for physical and emotional wellbeing. 


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About me

Having experienced complementary therapies myself for many years and seeing the huge benefits it had on me I said goodbye to my stressful day job and embarked on my journey to enhance my wellbeing and that of others.

I have over15 years experience in physical and emotional healing therapies.


As a massage therapist I focus on pain relief. I address stress and tension areas whilst bringing the whole body into balance.

Whether it's a posture issue; hunched over computers or injury related or you're in training I can help you. 

As am Emotional Freedom Technique with Matrix Re-Imprinting practitioner I will help you to explore your physical, emotional and mental challenges. Whether you're coping with big trauma issues or small trauma issues EFTMR will help you to take control of your life and realise your dreams.

If you need to balance your energies, if you feel stuck then Reiki or `Metamorphic Technique is what you need. 

 I am a passionate believer in bringing balance to body and mind. 

Call me and let's talk about what therapy is best for you.


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